Buyers Are Affected By Color

As an Expert Psychological Stager I am trained in the psychology behind what triggers people in home purchasing. Most people are triggered either positively or negatively when looking at homes. My job is to eliminate the negative triggers and hit as many positive triggers possible so that your buying audience is its greatest.

One of the triggers is color. Colors impact our lives psychologically every day whether we realize it or not.

For Example...

Soft shades of blue create a feeling of tranquility, serenity, and expansiveness.


Greens produce feelings of stability, wealth and growth.


At the opposite end of the color scheme is the color red.  According to Color, red produces emotions of anger, passion, and danger which raises a person's blood pressure! Even though red is a very popular color, can be trendy and great for decorating, when selling a home it is a color that can polarize and cut your buying audience down. 


It is my job to help buyers position their homes to appeal to the broadest audience and I always recommend removing any red from a home to sell it faster. Choosing a color palette that is calm and neutral instead of one that is polarizing will help their homes sell faster. 

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Wendy Anguiano