First Impressions


First Impressions: Sell Your Home in Seconds!

Statistics show that buyers make up their minds about a house within 8-15 seconds of walking into that house. Have you ever walked into a house and you “just knew” it was the one?! Of course, we all have. There was something about it that spoke to us. Was it the smell, the color, the decor or the awesome kitchen? What created that feeling of “this is it!”?

Although I totally agree with these statistics, I believe, as an Expert Psychological Stager, that it first begins online with photographs. Buyers search hundreds of listings and if the photos don’t capture their attention, they’ll move on in a matter of seconds. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) says that 90% of buyers look online first and that 84% of those buyers say photos are important.

A home that is not staged to capture that audience can be looked over, passed by. This is where we come in. Home Stagers who are trained to know the psychology behind what buyers are looking for can help create the look that most buyers are attracted to, that “feeling”. It is important to have this done prior to listing, if possible, for best results. However, if your house is already on the market, get it staged ASAP, re-take photos and you’ll see a dramatic difference. RESA statistics show that homes staged pre-listing sell at a national average of 23 DOM. Homes staged after listing sell nationally an average of 41 DOM and homes not staged at all are in the market an average of 184 DOM! Once you get past photos, you will get more showings and the potential to get higher returns goes up.


A buyer gets a sense of the home from the curb. An EPS trained professional can address all aspects of the home, including the exterior. Remember you have 8-15 seconds to make a first impression. Consider these things regarding your exteriors:

*How manicured is the lawn?
*Does the door color pop?
*Are there any cracks that need addressing?
*Is there any clutter?
*Are there overgrown bushes in front?
*Are there any vines growing on the house?
*Is the paint fresh?
*Is the driveway in good condition?
*Plant some flowers in pots to add some color

Once a buyer steps inside is the next and MOST IMPORTANT impression. Color is said to be vital. Buyers don’t want to have to buy a home and repaint it. Hire a professional Designer or Stager, trained in color, to do a paint consultation and make sure the colors you choose are neutral in tone and compliment the fixed architectural elements of your home such as flooring, cabinets, countertops. Choosing a color is not about you and what you like but rather about what appeals to the broadest audience of buyers.

Past color is the smell of the home. If animals are present, be sure they’re not out during showings, but more importantly do a smell test. Have someone else come over and see if there are any unwanted smells in the home. Take steps to remediate those smells.

Next is the decor of the home. It is important to help buyers visualize furniture placement and also to create that “this is it!” feeling. A good Stager can create an atmosphere that appeals to a greater number of prospective buyers because the home has that luxury living experience we all desire.

It’s not just about furnishings and accessories but also about cabinets and countertops. Consider whether or not your cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms need painting. It’s an easier fix than replacing them. Also, are your countertops hard surfaces? Buyers expect hard surfaces these days, so it is a must! To get top dollar for your home it will take a few dollars but you will recoup that money and may even get a return on your investment.